blogs and reflective practice
Marica's meanderings
Marica began reflecting on her experiences as a 2004/2005 Flexible Learning Leader in New Zealand. She's now officially a member of the FLLinNZ alumni. Her personal learning continues...

Lynsey began collecting aquaculture information found on the net. This e-zine has now become (and continues to become) a focused search resource for aquaculturalists around the world...

Lynsey began reflecting and exploring the edges and margins of his life. He wanted to see if he could write every day. Sometimes he can, thus neither of his novels are finished...

Blog Hui
New Zealand's first international weblog conference - March 17-18, 2006. We came, we saw, we organised!
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On Reflection journals
As part of our shared interest in reflective practice we've developed the On Reflection journals. The first journals are available as free downloads.

Thumb Journals
Somethimes you just want to jot a quick note or make a quick drawing - a thumbnail sketch. You might doodle to relieve the terminal illness of meetings. Overly long phone calls. We recommend Thumb Journals. They're an ideal way of building a creative perk-up into your day. Thumb Journals are surprisingly good reminders of what and where you were at a year or so ago. We think they might've been inspired by famous meeting doodler, Danny Gregory. We're not sure, but thanks anyway, Danny.

So, how does it work?

First, download a template - they're .rtf files so they'll open on pretty much any computer, and any word processor. Being .rtf means there's not much chance of anything nasty hiding inside either - we scanned them first as well. The templates are available for free download in A4 and letter sized pages.

31 day template A4 |31 day template letter

35 day template A4 |35 day template letter

Save the files, and print them. You might want to resize the tables if you want, but we've used them, trimmed to size, and glued into our diaries. Sport yourself a new diary if needs be. A bigger diary is an ideal way - when you're stuck in the fifth meeting of the day, it looks like you're paying attention to the meeting, when in fact, you're paying attention to the most important person in the room - you. Just a little creativity - a drawing or note, enriches your day and expands your potential in surprising ways.
Lynsey's thumb journal - the 7th and 25th of May were very bad days!
May 2004 - 35 day template. The journal started out adding some colour, but evenutally settled into just using common-all-garden blue biro. The month started on the 3rd. Check out the thumbs - the 7th and 25th of May were very bad days!

Lynsey's thumb journal - June wasn't much fun either. Things got much better in September.
June 2004 - 35 day template. June - winter and wearing workplace weakness wearily.